Did you know that ladies in the early 20th century wore Louis Vuitton shoes?

What kind of women were "daughters-in-law"?

The concept of "marriage girls" has been discussed since the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, who were the "Khuree girls" who used to decorate themselves with beautiful things imported from Russia and China, appeared in folk songs and literature?

There were high-class women who lived in the capital city and enjoyed the most luxurious silk crepes, cloths, chischu, snuff, pipes, jewelry, and pearl bracelets, and their robes were made of rare and precious silk.

In the winter, women wear beaver, sable, otter, and mink skins. It is said that he used to wear a long knife with gold and silver design, not for use. Another of their ornaments were high-class cigarettes and pipes. He used to smoke using a pipe decorated with intricately designed jewels made by the skillful hands of Khureyin. Competing with elegant clothes and ornaments is a standard for women of any generation, so Khuree girls used to spy on their handmaidens to get the most unusual ornaments and expensive silk crepes before others.

Two wives riding a pale horse together, 1910s.


That is, the Russian and Chinese firms of the company used to compete in order to beat the price before others when new goods arrived. In addition to dressing up, the women of Khureni were also famous for their talent in playing the chanz. Among them, there were many highly educated women who sewed and sewed their own exotic robes to wear for work.

Some of them are mentioned: - In the 1900s, there was a beautiful girl named Yumneren who fell in love with the 8th Bogd Javzundamba.

-In 1906, Queen Dondogdulam was honored by the Mother Goddess, had her own ruler, a number of livestock and fast horses, and even owned a share of the company's company.
- Also, Dendevdulam, the half-brother of the mother fairy, became the queen of Tsogbadrach, the king of the circumcision, and later became one of the women of the circle.
- Bortolgoi, who married H. Choibalsan in the early 1920s, was one of the elegant and party-loving girls. The elegant girls of Bortolgoi and Pagmadulam, the first wife of the great writer D. Natsagdorj, were the first consumers of the famous brands that were sold at that time. Pagmadulam used to wear LV shoes.
- Pagmadulam was one of the first intellectual women in Mongolia who spoke Manchu and learned German by studying in Germany.
- Dashtseden, the wife of the young general Lhagvasuren, was one of the most famous women in the circle. Dashtseden, The younger brother of the 8th Bogd, became the owner of the folk song "Dung River's vegetables were planted before they were grown, and Dunjidmaag's daughter was painted when she was born."
Mongolian women selling in the market, 1910s
- S.Yanjmaa, the first First Lady of Mongolia, is an influential girl from the Khurey generation after Queen Dondogdulam. Khurey girls mean that they can keep all the good things of that time to themselves, they have a good pedigree, their steps are quiet and their gestures are quiet, their words are precise and precise, they know the magic of colors and money, they are smart, they sometimes enjoy listening to music, they tell legends, they are tough. And it was noted that they were benevolent, high-ranking women who did not care about big or small. 
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